The site was originally built for Early Childhood/Generalist teachers – those pursuing as well as those who have already achieved National Board Certification in the area of early childhood (ages 3-8) generalist. Since launching the site we have been asked to include Middle Childhood Generalists and Early/Middle Childhood Literacy candidates, and we have done that. We have opened up Forums specifically for them. Many of our Library documents would be helpful to them. Our NBCTs responding to messages are trained and competent to respond to each of these areas of certification. Some actually achieved their certification in MC-GEN or EC/MC Literacy! Hopefully each of us will find this site to be our place to both share and grow in our own teaching practices.

Candidates will hear what others are asking and the responses they are receiving. Members have access to the most streamlined, easy to read AND understand files available anywhere. These make those long directions on the CD seem doable! TWO chat rooms are available for candidates 24/7 – right here – on this site.  

Accomplished teachers will be able to carry on discussions with peers by making and replying to posts in a forum separate from the candidates’ forums. Whenever wanted, there is a second chat room available to teachers to collaborate about new technology, report cards, parent conferences – whatever is on their mind. The Library already has files of valuable information for accomplished early childhood teaching – and will continue to build onto those to other certificate areas as teachers share their work.

Joining gives you a full year of collaboration and exposure to the most up-to-date teaching methods, publications, websites, and discussions with your peers.

Members have access to all new files, chat rooms, our own store (new products available on request – just ask!), and continual collaboration with peers – for both candidate and general teaching support. Finally we have a place for accomplished early childhood teachers to congregate! To join, click the “JOIN” button at the bottom of this page!

Please note:

National Board Certified Teachers routinely contributing to this site may be eligible to receive written documentation of doing so to use as a part of a PGE for their renewal certificate (for additional information please write to [email protected]).

Before joining this group, please know this group was originally built focused on the Early Childhood/Generalist certificate area. We have expanded Forums to include Middle Childhood Generalists and Early/Middle Childhood Literacy candidates, but our Library documents clearly focus on early childhood. MANY Library documents are valuable to any National Board Certification candidate. If you are involved with and/or in search of other National Board Certification groups, please check the Yahoogroups search boxes. To join this group, you will be directed to Pay Pal where you will need to use a credit or debit card. They do not accept personal checks.

Membership is not intended to be shared; each is an individual membership. Shared use would be considered a violation of the membership agreement. Thank you.

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